ViewportFrames not rendering properly

Reproduction Steps
To reproduce this bug, create a ScreenGui under StarterGui, insert a ViewportFrame, add any part and attempt to visualize it.

Expected Behavior
I expect the ViewportFrames to render their children.

Actual Behavior
ViewportFrames are not rendering their children properly, creating issues in-game.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-08-23 19:08:00 (+00:00)


I’m having this issue too, but more so I’m just overall having issues where some meshes are just failing to show at all right now. Not sure if an internal flag was toggled but got this issue too


Having this issue too. No errors at all, added prints, checked if anything else was messed up - nope. It was working just yesterday, and I woke up today and none of the viewport frames work in my game.

Game link: RS Tennis - Roblox

Experiencing this on Jailbreak right now too. Thanks for reporting

EDIT: This is fairly critical, nobody can see what they are buying in our store. Tag post as Critical?


Same problem here, it was working fine hours ago.

Same problem here, happened last few hours.

Not the exact same issue, but potentially related. Our ViewportFrames no longer show their subjects, but we’re also missing our first person rigs and weapon previews in our loadout editor.

Whatever change caused this was made approximately an hour ago. These issues are game-breaking.

Game link: FLASHPOINT ALPHA - Roblox

Damn, was just planning to use them as well, guess I’ll have to wait.

Same issue here, I just spent an hour trying to figure out what I broke lol

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I have the same problem. Users cannot see what they are purchasing. I might private the game for now until it is fixed so no users get “scammed” or buy something they don’t want.

Hi I’m here to add more details. Looks like EVERY viewport in-game in World // Zero is busted right now. This happens immediately when joining the game. It’s critical to our game that we’re able to see viewport frames!

This is happening in World // Zero too. Pretty serious that players can’t see viewport frames. I’d second raising it to critical status as well.

I have updated the post to Very High seen as key components of games are failing. I apologize if this is not the intended criteria for this level, but the wording was a bit vague so this is the best I can interpret it as.

  • Low: I can still do what I want to do, without having to use a workaround.
  • Moderate: I can still do what I want to do, but I have to use a workaround.
  • High: I cannot do what I want to do.
  • Very High: A key system is failing, or users are blocked from accessing part of the Roblox platform.
  • Critical: Irreversible damage to key systems or data (i.e. data loss or corruption) .

Unfortunately cannot do Critical as this is not irreversible damage to key systems / data.


I’m experiencing this bug in my game, this also causes for the view selector box to not be visible since it uses a ViewportFrame.

Also not working on my golf game. Interestingly, viewportframes that use worldmodels still render, so maybe it has something to do with the future changes on worldmodel and animators?:

  • Items on inventory not showing up
  • Wind direction not showing up, which is game breaking. As you can see, my character’s clone from the tutorial gui is rendering. Is this a bug or do we have to use worldmodels on all viewportframes from now on? If it’s not fixed until tomorrow I guess I’ll have to make all my viewports use worldmodels so they become visible.

This should be tagged as critical, if that’s still used. Not helping my productivity, and I’m baffled as to how this got into production.

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This should be marked as critical, happening in all my games that use textures with meshes and/or viewports. Cannot see the textures whatsoever and as said above 0 errors. More than 200 of our players are affected and the number gets bigger as more servers are generated.

Hey everyone try reopening your clients / studios! They seemed to have reverted and things are working fine for me now.


Viewport Frames working again in my game. This issue is possible fixed.


Yeah, now we need to see if the Skinned mesh is fixed too.