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About Me

Hello! I am offering my work as an advanced scripter. I have 5 years of experience with developing on Roblox, in which I have mostly made large projects of my own. Check out my Talent Hub for more info!

My Work

Talent Hub

Why Hire Me

  • I am skilled in many other areas of Roblox development.
  • I make highly efficient, modular, and easy to customize code.
  • I work great with others.
  • I will ensure your satisfaction.


I am available daily

You can contact me at any time.


  • Robux, PayPal, Percent
  • Negotiable
  • See Talent Hub for minimums


Developer Forum
Discord: vijet1#1415
Talent Hub

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A quick and efficient worker, I’d recommend this man for any project you need! A pleasure working with him.

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Posting this on behalf of CMB_Benefactor :

“A respectable developer that keeps his promises, and takes the initiative to improve the circumstances of the game he’s dedicating towards.”

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