[Village RP] Announcement on future for Pawanpur village

Announcement on future for Pawanpur village

Namaste friends, Village RP members, and users who may not be familiar with us, I would just like to give off an announcement:

If you come here from Village RP’s group “Pawanpur Village Official”, then you are probably aware that my game, Village RP, is still under its updating state.

Since many, and I mean MANY people wanted it back open, I couldn’t handle putting these requests off until after the second month. So if there is any confusion, yes Village RP is back open, and it’s been open. If you are having trouble finding it, you can find it here.

Be informed, it is NOT a group place, you won’t find it in our group.

So as you already know, Village RP is still updating. Now why is it still updating after months you might ask? There are many reasons for this, but one reason I feel is most releveant is this.

I do not feel that the game has ever done very well in its run. When Village RP was first released on August 9, 2016, I expected it to have a bright future. Village RP was created off the foundation of my previous game “Hospital Roleplay 3.0” which reached front page in 4 days. But since neither games were Filtering Enabled for such a long time, exploiters obviously have been constantly attacking both games.

During Village RP’s run, we have gained a good amount of success, as well as many players. When Village RP was first started up in BETA mode, it obviously got a lot of players, but months passed, and the activity in Pawanpur started to decrease little by little.

We have gotten into conflict in the past, from minor exploiters, to big-time developers, and even ROBLOX youtubers who currently have 1M+ subscribers. We have slowly been dragged down by the distractions brought to us, when all we wanted was success. We fought hard and long to preserve our honor until this point.

When I first created Village RP, I had an intent to represent our culture. I had dreams for Village RP, almost everyday since its creation. I wanted to create India in ROBLOX.
Every single day since I started Village RP, I had more hope for it than my other game, my other game that actually reached front page. I spent so much time, work, and effort on Village RP, and even after one year it’s still not finished. I never chose to sponsor the game,

• I never had enough to sponsor the game well enough

• Many things still had yet to be fixed on Village RP

• The game basically isn’t done.

So we are here now, our activity is basically dead with all these conflicts that have surrounded the game, and surrounded me. Now, 2017 is almost over, and Village RP is pretty much useless now.

Does this mean we loose hope? Not yet. I will start getting to work on the game soon, and hopefully we are lifted from the most depressing time we are facing. Don’t loose hope, we can still pick up our game. Like I said, eversince the day I started up Village RP, I dream about the game being up there with all the other successful games on ROBLOX, and I am talking EVERYDAY since that one day. I am not sure if you have the same wishes, but I just hope you agree with me on this. So for those of you who are concerned, let’s try to do something to prevent Village RP from being discontinued.

Therefore I ask you, are you willing contribute to rebuilding our community? If you are up for it, try talking with our HRs, or even me! I will try harder to start reconstructing the game once more, but support is needed. I thank you for taking time to read this, or at least speed-read this.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Jai Hind :slight_smile: :wave:t5:

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