Village/Town/city building tool with able to pick names and delete tool too

Hello, I am making my new game called World Conquerors and I need help scripting a village,town,city placing script (minature size) I need a gui that lets you pick what one and what name. World Conquerors is a stud roleplay game where you conquer nations by role playing.

How could we exactly help you with that , be more specific . We can’t just give you the whole GUI or script (its going to be very hard to do that) , but you can tell some aspects in which you have doubt , so we could help you.

I know no scripting I am sorry

I don’t know how you make the object place where they say to or make a name above it that they choose

I need help how to script it as I’m not very good at coding

You should probably start with more basic things than a placement system if you’re new to programming.

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try this :smiley:

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We can’t give you an entire script since asking for scripts on the dev forum isn’t allowed, but if you don’t know how to script and don’t want to learn how to script but have robux then you can pay some people to script stuff for you.

Well in that case , learn some of the basic of Lua as well as LuaU(Roblox Lua) after this try doing Placement System and other stuff . Without any basic knowledge its gonna be very hard for us to help you as well as for you to make something hard. If you need any tutorial I can suggest you some :smile:.

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