Villaros | Public Handbook

Villaros | Public Handbook

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Greetings and welcome to Villaros Hotels! Founded in 2019, we agree that a great hotel stay should not be earned but given under any circumstances. Whether you’re a staff member or a guest coming back to say Hi, a stay here at Villaros will always be waiting for you. We’re all about inclusion, and no matter your background, you can count on being welcomed into our community.

The Leadership Team at Villaros created this guide to provide guests, customers, and staff members with the materials needed to succeed. If you find that any of this information is incorrect and/or missing from this guide, please open a ticket in our Communications server, and a member of our Leadership Team will respond to your inquiry to the best of their abilities.

  1. Adverising

Please ensure you are not spreading advertising content throughout our in-game experiences or Communications server. Doing so can disrupt other players, so please do it elsewhere.

  1. Discrimination

Discrimination against anyone, staff or not, is a massive violation of our guidelines here at Villaros. This discrimination may include the following topics: race, religion, sex, etc. These topics can cause drama within the community, so please hold back any discriminatory comments.

  1. Controversial Topics/Drama

Please refrain from discussing any topic that might be controversial to some users. Causing drama anywhere within our establishment will not be tolerated. Topics include politics, religion, sex, etc.

  1. Swearing

While this topic may be controversial to some, please refrain from swearing during your conversations. Swearing can also be considered bypassing in certain circumstances, so please help us keep this a friendly environment for everyone.

  1. Personal Information

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not distribute any personal information throughout our establishment. Such situations include inside-game experiences or our communications server.

  1. Respect

Please treat others how you wish to be treated and always show respect. We get it. You may not agree with another person, or maybe you’re upset, but please try to show respect for one another.

  1. Common Sense

Although we understand certain rules may not be listed here, please use common sense when deciding. Ensure you follow the rules of Villaros, Roblox’s TOS, and Community Standards.

Category Ranks Description
No Rank Guest, Hotel Guest, Villaros Guest These ranks are the base guest ranks. The ‘Villaros Guest’ rank may be earned if a well-known staff member chooses to resign.
[LR] Low-Rank Trainee, Housekeeping, Barista, Security, Receptionist Earned by completing one or many training sessions. One may earn the rank Trainee by taking the Trainee application additionally. They are tasked with attending training sessions, scheduled shifts, and assisting guests/other staff members at the hotel.
[MR] Management/Middle Rank Executive, Assistant Manager, Management Earned through successfully passing MR applications or a promotion through working hard and being noticed. Tasked with managing all Hotel operations, training the LRs, and attending scheduled shifts.
[HR] Corporate/High Rank Duty Manager, Administrative Manager, General Manager Earned through successfully passing HR applications or a promotion through working hard and being noticed. Tasked with managing all Hotel operations, hosting training sessions, and attending scheduled shifts.
[LT] Leadership Team Board of Executive, Vice Chairman, Chairman These ranks are not obtainable. These ranks oversee all Hotel operations, host shifts and training, etc.

Throughout your time here at Villaros, many members of our community love to dedicate specific time slots at our group establishments to offer the community time to engage with other community members, whether it be playing various minigames, ordering numerous amounts of cafe goods & treats, or instead trained to join our outstanding team of staff members. Community engagement during these specific time slots is called sessions and is hosted by our lovely community staff members at various times of the day and week. Typically, these sessions can last at least 30 minutes to an hour. However, we encourage our community to set time aside after each session to further engage with the community within our establishment.


Within training sessions, our highly-trained community staff members are joined by our ambitious Trainees seeking to join the team of staff members here at Villaros. We strive to create potential among our staff members and ensure the best possible experience for all community members. A community member seeking to become a part of our adequate staff team is called a Trainee and must attend a training session before joining our staff team. These sessions typically last 1-1 ½ hours and test the Trainee on the needed skills for our staff team.


Shifts are more in-depth than our training sessions but are essential to our community. All community members are welcome at shifts! Shifts are a time to bond with other community members, whether playing minigames or grabbing a treat or two at our establishment. For all our most dedicated staff members, a treat in-store may await you!


The last type of session we host here at Villaros is interviews. Interviews give our guests an opportunity to take a short quiz directed by our staff team to join our team! These types of sessions are hosted infrequently and typically last around 30 minutes. Although we offer an automated quiz, our guests interacting with our staff team deliver better results!


Are you looking to ally with Villaros? We’re ecstatic that your establishment wants to become Villaros’ new affiliate. However, to become a fully certified affiliate with Villaros, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Your group must contain 50+ non-botted members

  • You must have a Discord server with 20+ members (excluding bots)

  • You must be willing to announce Villaros’ events, applications, etc.

  • Your group must follow Roblox and Discord’s TOS and respect each community.

  • Your group must not have a bad reputation

  • Your group must not be a Military/raid-typed group

  • You must be willing to send two (2) representatives from your group


Does your group meet all the requirements above? Excellent—your group is eligible to be a significant affiliate of Villaros! To get started, please complete the following steps.

  • Complete the Villaros Affilate Form

  • Upon completion, please wait 24 to 48 hours for our Public Relations department to reply.

  • Additionally, any further questions may be directed towards a Public Relations team member as well.


Did you receive a punishment that you thought was unfair? Don’t worry; our Corporate Team here at Villaros believes in giving users a second chance in case an action seems unjust. As a community member of Villaros, you can appeal your punishment using the appeal form. After you submit a response, a corporate or leadership team member will investigate your appeal to see if the information you provided was deemed accurate. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive your result from a team member and be told the next steps you must take if applicable. However, if your appeal is denied for any reason, you must wait seven days before appealing again, and any appeal before will automatically get declined. Please note that filling out an appeal does not guarantee that the punishment will be revoked. Any further questions may be directed to a Corporate or Leadership Team member.

On behalf of the Villaros Leadership Team, we thank you for taking the time to read over this guide. As long as it may be, this guide contains helpful information that will help you here at Villaros. If you find any information not disclosed throughout this guidebook or need extra guidance, please contact a Corporate or Leadership Team member. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at Villaros!

:palm_tree: Last Updated: 04/29/2024