VIP Gamepass Benefit Ideas

So I have a Capture the Flag Game I’m making right now.

I have a VIP Gamepass that costs 399 Robux.

The issue is that I can’t think of ideas of benefits to add to the gamepass to make this worth the price.

Right now, it only gives you a special chat tag in game.

Obviously, a Special Chat Tag for 399 Robux definitely isn’t worth it so I want to add more benefits to the gamepass.

Can someone give me ideas of benefits to add to the gamepass?


I make speed as a benefit for my gamepasses a lot, if it isn’t too powerful I would suggest that. Maybe extra coins and/or xp if your game uses that.
For cosmetic bonuses maybe give VIP trails or particle-like effects. I don’t know much about your game’s items, so it would be best if you can give more info on what your game is so we can help you better.



  • If that’s capture the flag, you can make player 1.1x faster (a little pay to win)
  • You can give him special effect after bringing the flag to his base
  • You can add special sound too
  • You can weld a part with particle emitter to him and give him something like star effect

To this you can give him boost for gaining in-game value if you have smth like this or just let him progress easier


I don’t want to do speed because that would make the game pay-to-win.

I have a double currency gamepass, but I could give a certain amount of bonus cash for buying the gamepass. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes! Great idea! Thanks! That helps :smiley:

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I actually thought of a speed boost, but I figured it would be pay to win, so I decided to make it so flag carriers would get a speed boost until they capture the flag or die.

oooo. Great ideas! Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, so far the ideas for the gamepass are:
  • Bonus Cash
  • Special Cosmetic Trail
  • Special Cosmetic Particles

Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t give 2x bonus for gamepass. I think it should be like 1.5x

For the double cash gamepass or for speed?

For cash of course, speed should be maximum of 1.1x


Alright. I’ll decrease the bonus to 1.5x cash.

Any other ideas?

I think that’s all. You can offer a skin too if you have them in game

Oh. Ok.

So you think paying for a special cosmetic particle effect, a special cosmetic trail, a chat tag, and a cash bonus is worth 399 robux?

A set of cosmetic effects/trails maybe, but yeah with that it may be good. Might want to add one more bonus though.

Alright. What’s the last bonus I should add?

Not entirely sure what it should be, it just feels like you should be getting one more benefit.
If your game mainly uses ranged weapons, speed is perfectly fine as a benefit.

A special gun and/or accessory item are usually what are used in games like that. I would be careful not to make any vip items overpowered against normal users though.

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Dont make anything too over powered. Stick to cosmetics and maybe an item or two. If you have any other game passes, you could also include those like a vip bundle.


It should give cool special effects. Gameplay advantages aren’t cool when locked behind a paywall.


Or VIP overhead gui?
If you going to add speed-up or sparkles, I suggest also adding a toggle button!

  • rainbow/shining chat tag
  • toggle-able trail and particle effects
  • golden flag when captured
  • golden weapons and projectiles

tried to think of some cosmetic only stuff hope this helps

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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know who to mark as a solution lol