VIP Server Control

I’m not sure if this is planned or not, but an essential feature for the owner of a VIP server to have is the ability to kick players from their server. With the advent of instant join links and features that enable large groups of people to join when not explicitly invited, you’re bound to get a bad player. Whether it be due to lack of skill or trolling, VIP server owners should be able to remove the problem without shutting down the server.

An additional feature that would be nice would be to designate others that can kick people from the server, but I’ll be happy with just the owner being able to kick people.


I remember personal servers having this option, was super useful and easily abusable if you had the “admin” privilege.

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As is any sort of admin-esque privilege regardless of whether it’s on ROBLOX or not – that’s why it’s only given to admins and not everyone. If the place owner appoints someone who’s bound to abuse their privileges as an admin then that’s the place owner’s fault.