Vip Server List Endpoint Replacement

Hey Developers,

We are planning on removing the following endpoint on January 3rd, 2023{placeId}/servers/vip

Please switch over to the replacement endpoint:{placeId}/private-servers

Docs: Swagger UI

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you!


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We are planning on removing the following endpoint on January 3rd, 2023

Is the VIP server replaced with the text “private server”?


VIP Server has been “Private Server” for quite a while now, now they’re changing the names of the endpoints


I’ve noticed that many Endpoints are changing to Swagger Ui , what is that?


Swagger UI is an easy to understand/user friendly way to show the APIs of software or whatever people make. This is the link to what Swagger says about themselves, they go into far more detail:


Ah VIP servers, you will forever hold a spot in my heart, when it was once a flex to be that guy with the VIP server

Good change though, making API less confusing is a W!


Is this some kind of httpservice API used to get available vip servers?


i dont understand, are they just renaming VIP servers private servers?


No, you can’t make requests to from HttpService, probably because Roblox servers might make internal requests that only work when they originate from Roblox servers, and letting you make requests to could be a security risk.

No, they already did a while ago.

Yes, but that’s not what the original post is about.

All this means is the mentioned APIs which Roblox uses for what was previously called VIP servers are being removed, and now you need to use the APIs with the other name (which could also differ in some ways but I don’t think they do in this case).

This isn’t any sort of wacky convoluted way just to say that Roblox is renaming VIP servers to private servers or anything, they already renamed them a while ago, this just has to do with those web APIs that might break people’s apps.

Roblox makes some APIs publicly available, you can use them within services that are meant to somehow work with info on Roblox e.g. Discord bots or websites.


I don’t see the point of removing the old endpoint, but at the same time I do.

Many people still call private servers VIP servers, including myself sometimes.


It’s likely to prevent clutter on their end, they have to have all these described as code somewhere after all, and having a bunch of old legacy stuff everywhere makes for a very disorganized and difficult to maintain codebase.

To explain a little more in depth and contrast to the engine,

The engine itself has to deal with this all the time (but the engine has to support and keep supporting both old and new code or lots of games would break). Apps and websites that use Roblox APIs are naturally going to be less common and less important, especially if they are unmaintained, which is the only time these changes will break them. Maintained ones will just migrate to use the new APIs, and that’s really what the announcement is for, to make it clear to apps how they need to migrate.

Most games on Roblox are unmaintained and will generally always be provided, whereas most apps and services are expected to be actively maintained, since they’ll have to be actively running. They aren’t as worth the effort for people to keep hosting and providing if they aren’t maintaining them.


Very Important Person servers

I think this update is good, because I once saw in noblox.js documentation or some message pointing to a feature request which asks for announcements for API changes. This is an announcement for an API change, so they got what they wanted! I can’t find that request tho.


I didn’t see much point in the change, but in calling it a private server, I agree


This doesn’t impact us, but another nice thing to do before completely killing these would be a scream test a bit before an announcement like this.

Basically shut off functionality for 24 hours and let logging and other software notify people’s who software depends on the API. This would be useful for people still depending on endpoints like this.


I agree with that because the Private Server and VIP server are different, I suggest that VIP Server is only for “Very Important Persons” of Roblox. Like Youtubers, Developers, and Roblox staff too.


I don’t understand what you mean by this can someone please explain to me?


To be honest, you literally paid to be the owner of a server on some random game, so the name did fit in some way, at least in my opinion


So far so good, it seems like nothing is going to be affected by this yet!

I like the inclusion of Swagger UI, too.

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soo if this is for private server list, then how can i put it for Flee The Mall? you can’t use any website with “” domain for getting HTTP requests in a roblox game, doing so could be risky, as anyone can hack you, see your private servers, robux, etc, I dont want to use proxies as it’s a big security risk