Vip Server Reserve Code

What I am doing

I am creating multi-place game
with Spawn Lobby , Game Lobby 1 , Game Lobby 2
and I want to connect them together ( with Reserve Servers ) and I already created the system for that

The Problem
When the spawn lobby is a VIP server , the players from game lobby 1 Can’t go back to the spawn lobby because I don’t have the VIP access code

My Solutions

S1-everyone who joins the vip server teleport them to reserve server, So I can get the reserve server access code

The problem in solution: When there is no one in the ( vip server the server will shutdown and It will recreate a 2nd reserve server and people in same vip will be splitted in 2 reserve servers )

S2-Teleport the people in Game Lobby 1 back public Spawn Lobby servers

The problem in solution: people in same vip server will not go to the same public server


You could pass the PrivateServerOwnerId as TeleportData, then when it goes to teleport everyone back you could check this.

If it isn’t 0 add them to a table and create a ReservedServer for the Spawn Lobby, add everyone else with the same PrivateServerOwnerId to the same table. Finally, teleport them all to the same ReservedServer.


Great Idea, But It will split the players the spawn lobby for 2 servers
first half in the spawn lobby for the vip server and the 2nd half will be in reserve server

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At least what I know of, there’s no exact way to teleport to a VIP server - only ReservedServers.

An alternate method could be when they join the Spawn Lobby to check the PrivateServerOwnerId and have a database of PrivateServerIds, if there’s one for this specific PrivateServerOwnerId teleport to it else create one and add it to the database.

Then when they teleport to a Game Lobby carry this PrivateServerId as TeleportData, when they need to teleport back just teleport to that PrivateServerId.

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