VIP Server Subscription Purchases Never Appear

When you subscribe to a VIP server you are never notified that you are still spending robux on it. It does not appear on your purchases tab or anywhere else. I noticed my robux amount drop by roughly 300 robux and I couldn’t see anything in my purchases and I have no new completed trades. After some digging around I found that I had a few active VIP servers, but the first charge only ever appeared in my purchases, and none of the subsequent subscription charges were displayed.

Windows 10, Chrome.

Is this happening to anyone else?


This is happening to me too, and I do not receive the subscription charges at all as well. Although, I don’t think Roblox ever had the intent of showing subscription charges in your transactions.

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It does appear, but you have to scroll all the way down to when you first purchased the subscription, and all the subsequent renewals will be in a dropdown underneath it (The little arrows in the rows you highlighted). It’s a weird system.

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That’s so hidden.
I didn’t even see those little arrows. They are so small that they seem like they are part of the title.

It really needs to be properly visible.


This is happening to one of my friends, and when they see that their robux count is going down, they think they got hacked, but infact it’s actually the VIP server swiping your robux, I hope they fix this because it gets quite annoying having to find out why the robux is disappearing.