Virtual Items Policy Article has an outdated R$ image

In the Virtual Items Policy for learning about Roblox development, there is an image that shows the outdated R$ icon and some info that could be “updated” in the article:

For the article itself, it should include better UI work and update it so it can show the R$ (:robux_gold:) icon to look more modern and better, the UI itself looks like a 2013 or 2015 egg hunt.

However, since it has been years and what games sell other than eggs like in-game currency, crates, or lootboxes, it can update the article itself to include these types of examples like simulators, FPS, and more.

Hope this can get fixed, would “confuse” some newer and returning developers to an article like this.


Thanks for the feedback; the eggs weren’t really meant to be “Egg Hunt” (more like “game where you raise a pet dragon”) but I changed the image to be a bit more general. And, of course, I fixed the outdated Robux icons. :slight_smile:


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