Virtual Reality Keyboard

VirtualKeyboard - Roblox

Basically I was annoyed with the bottom gui being infront of everything in the Virtual Reality and I wanted to find a way to be able to hide it AND keep functionality. It probably impossible. I think Roblox is seriously lacking in the VR department from what I have seen. There is just [so much lost potential. This is most likely due to the fact that Roblox has simply not been serious about perfecting the VR experience. I don’t blame them

…Anyways enough ranting This module is simply because I stumbled upon a script called VirtualKeyboard and wanted it in my game.

I made it work Yay :3.

I thought I would have been the first to it but it turns out that someome beat me to it! R6 VR version 3 (but not really)

I posted on here anyways just as it is more focusing on making it work without changing the original script too much. You may see commented out lines. The main things that have been removed are the FFlags and the voice chat. BindCoreAction is not available for us so instead I opted to just use BindAction and I also decided to remove the TextBox Focused lost and also the close button. (I cant get that t work)

Anyways you can close the virtual keyboard with B. Tested on Oculus Quest 2. No idea if this would work on other headsets.

Anyways here is a short video.

Unrelated but I am working on a Virtual Reality Physics sandbox. If you wanted to know.

Please be aware that I used the B button on my controller to turn of the keyboard as focus lost does not sink the input properly.

Also, I may be late but here is the solution for Guess I am 3 years late/

Oh and one more unrelated thing I found is that Roblox actually has code for MobileVR. Aparently it was considered by Roblox to use a single hand controller. Definitely interesting. (Its a shame rip daydream)


In the video, why are some keys highlighted blue?

It was in the Roblox core files so it was not really ready for games. Some of the keys are blue because when you press on then and move the controller away it seems to stay blue. Roblox didn’t implement this probably for that reason and the fact that it is generally unstable.

I could fix it. But, for now I just need something to be able to input characters into the chat. There are quite a lot of visual anomalies and such hence the reason why I decided to disable the Text lost focus too.

You are welcome to give it a shot.