Virus In Roblox Studio

I went to go work on a game when I discovered a bunch of random scripts in my game. When I tried to delete them they just came back. It seems to be very similar to this: This is now Fixed! but none of the solutions there helped. It also happens in new baseplates.
Here is what I have tried: Removing all plugins permissions, Disabling all plugins, Uninstalling all plugins, and doing the stuff in that post. And whenever I did one of those plugins changes I made sure to restart studio.

Remove all local plugins in the plugins folder too.

What file type would it be? Also when I open where studio says is the directory it brings me to the roblox folder in documents.

Never mind I figured it out. Because it thought that the folder where all my roblox stuff is it was my plugins folder, it was just inserting everything from there into my stuff. Evidently something I have there has some malicious script.