Virus script found

Well, I just learned my lesson… Never using free models again. I went and looked for an NPC and I found a pretty cool looking NPC. I took the NPC, placed it into my game, then I coded it so it looked like he was floating, wanna know what happened? I played the game, my tween didn’t work, then I looked at my workspace, and my whole fricking workspace was named Apple TV or something like that. So then I realized that this NPC has a virus in it. The only reason how I knew was because when I went to play my game, the virus script had an error, so I clicked on it thinking it was mine, and looked at it. Then I noticed it was a virus. I quickly deleted it, but now my audio in my game sounds like someone has a robot bug and it keeps dying or something. I don’t know if this was caused by the script, but has anyone had this happen to them before? I also didn’t know where to put this, so I just put it in scripting support.


I’ve had this happen before when I worked for a RP game, so I built the map then my boss decided to find some FM emergency vehicles and when I went to play the game to see how the map looked inperson, then there was a fog find the actual virus considering he had put in around 25-30 different FM emergency vehicles but when I got into the game there was a fog but it was green. and it was a pain to find the virus, but I did find it but the fog never disapeared so I had to upload the whole map without the emergency vehicles to ROBLOX and make a new baseplate game. After that I didn’t let him put in more FM’s on the baseplate I was working on so he had to make a new game just specific to find vehicles.


In explorer search “script”. Delete any scripts that you didn’t create. If its still occuring try looking through the rest of your scripts and see if they are using “require()” to require a module.

Also beware of plugins as not all of them are created with “good” intentions. So only use ones created by trustworthy people!


I’ve always known and been warned by a lot of developers to not use free models since a lot of them have bad intentions. However, it has never happened to me before but it would still be a terrifying and terrible experience. Maybe next time, avoid using free models unless they’re from a trusted developer. Any updates on what happened to your game? Just quite curious.

This is more of a “development discussion” than scripting support, a virus can NOT harm your studio unless the game is running, or if it came from a plugin.

Using a little bit of free models is alright, but just make sure that it doesn’t have any scripts, or any shadily named stuff inside it.

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I encountered this problem many times until one of my friends who is a developer told me not to use free models as he told me it most likely contain viruses and can affect your project/game.

Not all contain viruses, and even the ones that do are most likely good models copied from other people and filled with viruses. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. It’s true that sometimes models that have been used hundreds of times have viruses in them. However, if you insert a model and thoroughly check it before using it, I don’t see why it would pose a danger to your game.

To fix the audio; use the "Filter Workspace" feature and search "Sound"

Just run Server Defender. It’s extremely good at cleaning up viruses.

yea, I managed to delete it, thankfully. Everything is back to normal.

yea, sorry about that. Have a good day.

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Thanks everyone for telling me about their experiences.

So sorry to hear that man. It’s happened to me as well.

Dang, sorry about that. Hope you fixed what happened.

Sorry if I come off rude, but how do people fall for this? Even before I got decent at scripting, I would always check the script’s source in free modules before publishing (most of them to my private testing places)

I honestly don’t know how I did, I just did lol

Im surprised that didnt get moderated though…

same to be honest, I just didn’t really know where to put this convo