Virus that isn't in script

I was helping someone I was working for with a game and noticed that the game was flooded with Viruses so I went and deleted every single script from the game (as the game didn’t need any because it was just building)
and yet I was still getting weird things from the output
I do not know what is causing this if anyone knows how to remove this help would be much obliged

The code looks like this I am unable to find its location though

The name doesn’t necessarily need to be “script”, so could you press Ctrl + Shift + F to find content in a script, and then type in “Baseplate” and search if any scripts contain that and delete it.

Otherwise its probably a plugin that could be doing that, so you should probably remove that plugin and you get the Server Defender plugin and do a virus scan too.

Can I see the whole output screenshot so I can get more information?

Full screenshot of what the output or the explorer?

Sorry about sending you this I meant to send it to the other guy

The workspace search bar searches not only for names but for class names as seen here
Also I have worked on several games in the past and none have shown this issue so it can’t be one of my own pluggins

Also I used the pluggin and it said virus free


Oh, my bad.

My bad again, I thought the plugins name is virus free.

The script that is named “noob” is there anything referencing to baseplate in it?

No i just put that in there as an example to show you that it can search class names

I updated my post with more info

A plugin that scans viruses isn’t 100% accurate. You should delete the plugin that is causing the problems. Send a photo of your plugins.

Try disabling the script if it still does the error you might have a plugin backdoor you may also report if you have any suspicious Plugins you have installed.

This could be hidden three different ways:
Models from marketplace
Module with external source

The error messages are pointing towards the client
This means that it is mosy likely a plugin that is causing this.

You can delete the script by right clicking its tab => Show in explorer, and then press the delete button.