Visible gap in the beginning of trails

I’m trying to achieve a bullet trail effect for bullets in my game, however there is a visible gap between the gun barrel and where the bullet trail actually starts rendering.

The bullets are client sided tiny parts with 2 trails inside of it and use a linear tween to animate the motion. Everything works just fine, except for a brief moment when the bullet is first fired there is a visible gap in the trail. Here’s a gif of the phenomena:

I have tried not using tweens and using a loop to control the motion, same effect happens.
I have tried to slightly change the ordering of statements in my script to maybe help it, lead to no avail.
I have tried to offset the bullet backwards to right when it starts rendering so it apppears to appear right after exiting the barrel, however I cannot seem to find any value or equation to get it right everytime for every bullet.
I have searched the dev forum prior to see if others have encountered this, and there are other posts describing the same exact issue, but with no good solutions.

Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: