Visible image buttons

Hello! How i can do this: visible image buttons which I name in the script will be false when i press other image button. It may be easy, but I’m still a beginner

    ImageButton1.Visible = false

Thanks, but in addition how can I do this but with the BackSpace button

I hurried, I press but nothing happens. I tried to make the names of the images of the buttons such as in the script and this does not work

You need to define the buttons

Can you possibly send a screenshot of where you’re images are placed?

Снимок3 Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Are you saying you want “ImageButton1” to be visible when you press backspace?

I think I know Why. change the script to a local script
here put this script in story mode

local options = script.parent.parent:WaitForChild(“Options”)

options.Visible = false


for the (“Options”) make sure you delete it if it shines red below it and put your own quotes “example”
because it changes when it goes to Roblox studio :slight_smile:

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can i repeat this for backspace button?

yes! tell me what you would like to do then I will script it. Send me screenshots too

Also, one more piece of advice dont use scripts for gui because other wise it affects the whole server even people who didnt click it :slight_smile: so use local scripts for guis and mousebutton clicks

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when you press backspace visible image decal/button false/true

on your keyboard or click an image?

Yes, on keyboard (post not empty)

In that case here put this in a local script inside the thing you want to go invisible

local UIS = game:GetService(“UserInputService”)

if playertyping then return end
if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.Backspace then
script.Parent.Visible = false


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