Visible Problems

Im Practicing my scripting skills by making a basic shop system and I have a script where when the shop button is clicked it sets the camera onto the shop and the exit button becomes visible. When I use the butoon however the visibility becomes true but the button is still Invisible, anyone know why?

can you share your code for your shopping system and the buttons?

That Exit Button is supposed to be visible so that you can click it to exit the shop but it wont appear even though it visible property is true

I think you should add a


between both of the buttons

or task.Wait() which would be better

Both of your suggestions did not work

It could be the parenting of the script sometimes it is best to put UI scripts to parent the screenUI. Since you are creating a Shop UI

Won’t work because you’re changing button in startergui, change exit local to

local Exit = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.ExitGui.Exit

Sorry if I failed at helping I’m new myself :star_struck:

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