VisionsInMyHead / 3D Artist / Experienced Modeler and Builder

Thanks for that!

Im also open for some work!

Hey there!

Im ready for some more work and comissions! contact me!

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Ok perfect,

By the way im still open for comission!

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My discord is
Tinapay lalaki#2728

I need someone to revamp this map i made to be scfi

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Open once again to take some comissions!

Feel free to talk to me on Discord

Get to me on discord, open for more comissions!

Thank you!

Btw im open again to take more work!

Quite an interesting portfolio you have set-up here, very talented and I highly recommend.

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Hey, I don’t have Discord, but I’ll be getting it in a couple weeks. Can I contact you through DevForum DM’s?

Sure thing!

no problem, still open for commissions

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Could you create a wind turbine?

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Of course i could, contact me.

Btw im open for commissions!

Hey there everyone, im open again for some comissions!

If I need something built, but with no exact ideas in mind, just a general idea of what I want to have, would you be able to use your imagination and design the concept and model it for me?

Sure contact me so we can talk more

Comissions open again for anyone interested!

contact: vertexinterpolation12

I’ve sent a friend request, looking forward to speaking with you. - sonti0

Still open for comissions!


Comissions are now open on my DMs!

Feel free to ask.

Comissions are open once again for everyone!

Contact me: vertexinterpolation12