Visual bug with the tiny icon on the gamepass management page

The tiny image on the left is not related to the game in any way whatsoever, take a good look at the id.

I figured out the source of the image was this:

I think the wrong kind of id or the wrong asset api has been used to request the image, and therefore it shows the wrong image.

I think this issue is caused by a mixup between gamepassid and assetid.

Expected behavior

I expect it to show a tiny preview of the gamepass image since I think that’s how it’s supposed to behave.

I have edited the html to show a preview of what I expect to see:

Page URL:


I think I’ve figured out the cause of this issue, haha

A recent update was made to address an issue discussed here:

This update corrected the function of the “Copy Asset ID” button, which previously copied the ID of the image used for the gamepass, rather than the gamepass ID itself. The fix now ensures that the button copies the actual gamepass ID. However, it appears that the change edited the variable used in this small icon as the gamepass image’s ID. Consequently, it now links to an image that corresponds to the gamepass’s ID rather than the image ID.

Excuse my horrible explanation but I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: A simple fix would be to make the smaller gamepass icon display whatever image the larger one displays, which is the correct one. @burstlimite

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Oh, thanks for this report. I did not catch this side effect.


This should be reverted; let me know if this isn’t the case


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