Visual Clipping Issue in Scrollable TextBox

When typing in a scrollable TextBox, if the text reaches a point where it starts to scroll and the beginning letters are no longer visible, selecting all text (Ctrl + A) and replacing it with a single character causes a visual glitch. The new character appears clipped and seems as if it hasn’t been typed until the left arrow key is pressed to reveal its presence. This issue seems to stem from the cursor positioning in front of the new character, causing it to be clipped out on the left side of the TextBox.

A temporary workaround is setting the CursorPosition property of the TextBox to 0 and then back to 1 when the text length is 1, but this has other unintended side effects and is very buggy.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Type in a scrollable TextBox until the text begins to scroll and the initial characters are no longer visible.
  2. Press Ctrl + A to select all text.
  3. Replace the selected text with a single character (e.g., “A”).
  4. Observe that the new character appears clipped and seems as if it hasn’t been typed.
  5. Press the left arrow key to move the cursor and reveal the character.

This issue affects UX by making it appear as though text input has failed or the TextBox is malfunctioning. Addressing this bug will improve the usability of the new scrolling feature for TextBoxes:

Expected behavior:
The new character should be visible immediately after replacing the selected text without any visual clipping or needing to adjust the cursor position.

Actual Behavior:
The new character is visually clipped and appears as if it hasn’t been typed until the cursor is moved with the left arrow key.

@CharlieGordonnn :slightly_smiling_face:


We’ve identified the issue and have a fix in-progress. Thanks for the report!

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Thank you so much; please keep me updated! Have always appreciated the UI team’s speedy responses to bugs like this one.

Hey! Are there any updates you can provide at this stage? No rush; not sure how complicated the fix is.

The fix is implemented and will be included in the next engine release. It will be rolled out shortly after the release!

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Version 633 has finally been released after v622’s release was skipped due to the holiday! If you could let me know when the fix has been toggled on, that would be awesome.

The fix should be deployed now. Let us know if you encounter any further issues!

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Can confirm this has been fixed! Thanks so much.