Visual Indicator to whether a Part is Replicated or not

The Issue

It is currently too tedious to see whether an instantiated object is replicated between the server or just the client when ‘Playing Solo’

To do this at the moment you must:

  • Open the Test Tab
  • Switch to Server side
  • Attempt to locate the part in question

The Feature

A visual indicator within the Explorer window would be much more useful for this, similar to how there are Green (server) and Blue (client) indications in the Output window - a similar indication should appear in the Explorer window.

If an object is only visible on the Client - a blue circle or indicator should appear next to the object in Explorer
If, on the other hand it is replicated on the Server, a green circle or indicator should appear next to the object in Explorer.

Why have I requested this?

While testing one of my own systems, I accidentally made a code change that allowed the client to create objects, rather than creating them on the server.
This mistake took a lot of my time and only realised the issue when I switched over to the Server side of Play Solo, or created a local server with 2 clients.

If some sort of visual indicator could be included in the explorer window (or even as a debug view option), this could save time and eliminate the need to switch between client and server side in Play Solo, just to check whether a part ‘exists’

Thanks for reading.
I’ll try an add an image of what I believe this should look like in studio soon.