Visual Studio Code icon customization issue

Hey there, I’m trying to customize my VSC with the icons from Vanilla [2.1] - A modern look for your Studio - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

My issue is that folders use other icons than the custom ones i set up.

As you can see, anything named “Modules” , “Services”, or “Components” uses a separate icon than the default folder icon that i set up. (Default icon is the one you see used in ServerStorage, Server, Client folders)

VSC Settings:

Custom icons folder:

PS: I apologize if this is not the right category for this post. This is related to scripting so I assumed it should be fine.

PS2: I think i am close to an answer, i have never tried to customize my vsc before so i bet this probably has an easy solution

I figured it out.
I had to override each manually.
This helped me realize that each thing is it’s own class ListOfFolders · vscode-icons/vscode-icons Wiki (
So i just had to manually add each to settings.json