Vmbridge: Plugin<>CommandBar communication plugin

im about to get a few engineers knocking on my door for this lol

There is a useful quirk with bindables where they can talk between different VM identities and it allows you to do stuff like I’ve just done here. (This is intended behaviour as this is how SetCore works with events)

So what have I just done? Well, there has been a lot of requests to make DebuggerManager PluginSecurity, and a few months ago I decided to write a small hacky plugin that creates a small bridge that you can use in the meantime. It was very primitive in it’s implementation and probably had issues.

But here, I’ve decided to recode it and it’s also distributed as a plugin.

It’s been available for a few days which is how something already got deprecated as I continue to work out niche implementations

You can also download it as a plugin from Roblox: vmbridge - Roblox

Developer Usage:

Provided inside /examples/ is a small library that can inject the module for you (but it’s outdated since it uses a deprecated function, I’ll get around to refactoring it to not use a deprecated function)

It provides the basic rundown on how to write your own code that can interface with the command bar. The README file explains the entire API that you can utilise (Please dont utilise Listen as thats intended for the user to run in the command bar)


Report issues on the GitHub page

Using standalone

It is possible to build the module into your own plugin, as such, the plugin is actually just a small dropper tool that drops the main ModuleScript into CoreGui. You can integrate the module into your own plugins if you want to distribute within your own plugins and not require this plugin to be installed. All you need to do is to expose the module somewhere so that it can be reached from the command bar.