Voice chat button is there and bugged in studio even though I have voice chat disabled

I test on studio and my account has voice chat completely disabled, and I still have a voice chat bubble above my head. It just errors when I click on it. There is nothing I can do to get it to go away. It interferes with just being able to take video and screenshots.


14:46:56.404  CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VoiceChat.VoiceChatServiceManager:861: [corescripts VCS Manager] Attempting to toggle mic before calling init  -  Client - VoiceChatServiceManager:861
  14:46:56.404  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VoiceChat.VoiceChatServiceManager', Line 861 - function ensureInitialized  -  CoreScript - VoiceChatServiceManager:861
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VoiceChat.VoiceChatServiceManager', Line 1745 - function ToggleMic  -  CoreScript - VoiceChatServiceManager:1745
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VoiceChat.Components.onClickedVoiceIndicator', Line 25  -  CoreScript - onClickedVoiceIndicator:25
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CorePackages.Packages._Index.ExperienceChat-f36c98a4-90731c09.ExperienceChat.BubbleChat.BillboardGui.BillboardGui', Line 136  -  Studio - BillboardGui:136
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CorePackages.Packages._Index.ExperienceChat-f36c98a4-90731c09.ExperienceChat.BubbleChat.PlayerButtonsV2.PlayerButtons', Line 47  -  Studio - PlayerButtons:47
  14:46:56.404  Script 'CorePackages.Packages._Index.ReactRoblox.ReactRoblox.client.roblox.SingleEventManager', Line 112  -  Studio - SingleEventManager:112
  14:46:56.404  Stack End  -  Studio

Expected behavior

There should be no voice chat bubble, especially if it’s just erroring on click.