Voice Chat Enabled, But Not Working In My Game

Hi! I recently made a game that has voice chat enabled, however, there is a universal issue in the game for every person who has voice chat. The microphone button will stay gray forever and will never load.

The game has a max players of 23. Since my game has LoadCharacterAppearance disabled, I tried enabling it and even tried enabling bubble chat but nothing seems to make it work. There are really no other reasons I can think of as to why every player is unable to turn on their voice chat. If there is something I could be doing wrong, please let me know!


Can you provide the game?

Hi Syrupted,

Have you made sure that VoiceChatSerivce.EnableDefaultVoice is true? It could be that you have disabled this so your users are never added to a valid voice channel, or that they have been removed from such.


Yes, VoiceChatService.EnabledDefaultVoice is true. Is it even possible to script voice channels?

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Works for me :man_shrugging:

Might be a bit late.

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