Voice Chat ignores distance for some users

Voice chat appears to be ignoring proximity distance making it so some users can hear everyone in the server even when they’re not close to them.

We do use the SoundService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub (SetListener) function which may be related but shouldn’t be the cause of it (at least on our end) since that part of the code hasn’t been changed since ever.

Link: Neighbors 🔊 [Voice Chat & Mic Up] - Roblox

Expected behavior

Users should only hear nearby players.


Hi @Tynezz,
Sorry to hear about the trouble! I have a few questions to help us understand the situation. Feel free to DM me or reply here.

  1. Could you clarify when you say some users are affected? Is it a small group or a more widespread issue?
  2. How did you first notice this issue; personal experience or did specific users bring it to your attention?
  3. When mentioning ignoring proximity distance, could you provide more details? What exactly is happening with the voice chat in relation to player distance?
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It seems like a widespread issue. I’ve had multiple people contact me about it just recently (around yesterday or maybe the day before that). I was only made aware of it after multiple bug reports in the game’s Discord server.

When I say “ignoring proximity distance” I mean that players can hear other players that are far away from them. I’ll try to get a video of it but from what I understand, people can hear everyone in the server as if they were right next to them.


Here’s a video of it (may need to turn up your volume).

External Media

Thank you. This has been very helpful.

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This should be resolved! Anyone still having issues?

Nope. works perfectly for me now.