Voice chat Permanently suspended bannedUntil":null

Hey just a quick question about Voice Chat is it possible to fix this issue, it’s been months now I tried to contact the support about this but no one seems to help me, I was Invited to Voice Chat Beta before, but somehow after a while I was mass reported and permanently suspended It says null https://voice.roblox.com/v1/settings


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There is not much people on the devforum can do about your voice chat ban. All you can do is message Roblox support and if that doesn’t work then that’s that.

The fact that “bannedUntil”:null makes me think you’re perm banned from voice chat.

I am permanently banned, and I have tried everything for several months

Well nobody here can really help, even if a Roblox staff member would find your post I have high doubts they would do something.