Voice Chat/Spatial Voice suddenly broken

Recently, I’ve ran into the issue of voice chat breaking, it happened suddenly and I was playing yesterday with no issues. I thought it might’ve been due to VoiceMod but after I uninstalled VoiceMod, there was no issues so I think it’s unrelated.

First, when I click the voice chat option it turns gray, then when I click it, it looks like this;

(top settings)
(general settings)

Yes, it’s connected to the right output. I can hear everything in game including footsteps and jumping, but I cannot hear people talking, or can myself unmute so that others can hear me.

I’ve reinstalled Roblox, restarted my computer, deleted all files from %temp%, emptied my recycle bin, and have looked on YouTube to try to figure out what the issue is and have found no solutions.


Please reset your Wifi Router.


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