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Hello! I wanted to make a game with lore, so I wanted to make cutscenes, however, it would take a lot and cost a lot too if I wanted real people talking. It would be easier if I could make an AI that could “read” phrases and reproduce sounds automatically, is there any chance of this working in Roblox?

I don’t think it’s possible but I can think of 2 options.

  • Use an AI voice from a website (i think those are free anyway)
  • Just use a typewriting effect for the text and play a sound effect every time a letter gets added, like in FNF’s dialogue system.

I thought about that as my last hope, to be honest. But it would be amazing if it could be automatized. Thank you anyways.

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You should probably mark it as the solution, unless you are really want an actual AI voice in roblox.

That guy isn’t well fr :skull: swearing in the forum isn’t allowed lol

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Yeah, you should probably flag all his replies as off-topic.

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I’ll wait a bit just to see if anyone has a genius solution, prob not, but after I’ll make it the solution. Thank you again.

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Yeah he is saying off topic stuff everywhere and it starts to annoy me…

You can use ROBLOX Speech Synthesizer or an alternative to it. It’s not the best sounding but it does speak words with over 30 different sound files.


Could you link me that? I’m interested.

I don’t have the link to the resource since it is not present in the DevForum. However, MML Admin does internally contain a copy of the model.

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