Void table value

So I was trying to concat a table, and it gave me this odd error, invalid value (nil) at index 2 in table for 'concat', so I try looping through it,

Okay, nothing there.
“Lets see whats going on here”, so I put a print stating “Looping” at the end of the for loop, perhaps its just not running the warn function

for i, v in pairs(data) do

I’m perplexed by this. Does anyone know what it is?

(I know where the cause of it is btw, and will fix it easily, but I’ve never come across this before)

This is why I call it void btw, its what shows up when putting the table through print

As the table.concat error states, index 2 of the table is nil.

I presume that it’s just that the expressive output window calls it void if a detects holes (nil values) in what seems to be an array otherwise. It is still nil regardless.

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It’s not nil, nor is it holes. I created a table with gaps then did the same output, it skips over that index