Volariá | Public Handbook


Volariá | Public Handbook

Volariá is a multi-company group on Roblox, currently owned by simpIxstic & TheGreat21678. Volariá was founded on the merely early of September 2020. Our obedient goal is to spread smiles to everyone. Throughout months, our Corporates are working hard to give our members the efficient experience they need. In this Handbook, every individuals will contain the most suitable information to know about our community.

Our Motto: “The Dream you’ve been waiting for!”

Volariá General Information

With every Public Information, reading every Handbook will give you the knowledge of a limited information on all details.

Group Related Summaries

Role of the Departments

Department Information

The Departments on Volariá is used for most of the MR/HR/SHR+ team, while so the Leadership Team leads them for success. Each Department have it’s own role, and purpose. They are important for other related issues, they also help the group improve.

Public Relations Department

This is the Department that handles all related events for allies, or between partnerships. They are important for the group, because they are assigned nearly almost to our allies, this includes them standing professional for the groups reputation.

Human Resources Department

This Department is the one who handles all Staff Related activities, or overseers the Staff Team. There role for the group is also important, they are here to help manage staff related things such as Handbooks, Documents, etc that are used for the Staff Team.

Operations Department

This is the Department who manage events, they also work closely to the Public Relation as they have the power to manage events in-order for it to be organized well.

Recording Policies

Recording Policies

Recording Policies is the policy around Volariá about Recording, this includes recording in one of our facilities.


Everything else if good to be recorded, however YOU must keep the PMs when you are answering, make sure the viewers doesn’t see your answer.


Everything else MUST not been seen by the viewers, nor; you shouldn’t be making videos about how the answers, etc.


Everything is allowed to be recorded, however if this includes private PMs, etc. You may make it not visible for the viewers.



Guidelines are only way to sort up the important information every member will have to take care of with their own hands. We try our best to keep the server organized, so you don’t have to worry about it when you have dealt with someone that is disrespectful.

[1.] Any sort of content spoiling is not allowed.

[2.] Impersonating staff is not allowed.

[3.] Sending any sort of unfamiliar links.

[4.] Flooding or spamming is not tolerated.

[5.] No bypassed/inappropriate usernames.

[6.] Any inappropriate references will not be tolerated.

[7.] No inappropriate language or acts.

[8.] Any sort of bullying or harassment will not be welcomed at Volariá.

[9.] No advertising outside the designated channel(s).

[10.] Do not reveal anyone’s personal information.

[11.] Inappropriate content (also known as “NSFW”) is under no circumstances allowed, such content may include but is not limited to verbal, imagery, or links.

Group FAQs

Group FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions are the one that is most frequently asked commonly by ones. Not only it can help you revive your mistakes, it can also help your knowledge here in Volariá!

How can I get robux here?

You can earn Robux by inviting individuals in our Communications Server, however you have an age requirement before using the Communicating app, you should be over 13+ before being able to access it on your own. If you are now able to access it, you need to invite 4 people in it, invite your friends or so. After that, inform an SHR+ and they will be able to assist you in what you will have to do. Note that you will have to be in the group for 2 weeks.

I want to be a Staff here, what can I do?

In-order to become a staff, you may take our applications on our communications server (only for 13+), however if you are looking forwardly working as an LR and working your way up to your goal, head to the group and join it, after that fill the application and try to pass it. If you passed, try to attend Trainings are being hosted.

I want to become a Developer, how do I become one?

The owner, (simpIxstic) is the only one who is responsible for hiring new developers, however hiring developers are extremely limited, as it’s unlikely that we won’t get full developer positions, because of a high amount of applying for a role. This is only opened, when the Contributor Board is lacking individuals.

Social Media

Social Media

Want to connect more with us? Check our Social Medias!

➦ Roblox Group Link: https://bit.ly/VolariáGroup

➦ Volarià’s Game Link: (Coming soon!)

➦ Twitter Link: (Coming soon!)

➦ Instagram Link: (Coming soon!)

Staff Related Summaries

Staff Expectations & Requirements | For Kitchen Supervisors who are looking forward for the Junior Intern rank

We have a lot of expectation and few requirements before you being able to enter our Management Team. Which requirements include you being needed to be 13+ as you need to be in our communications server.

Our most expected expectation:

  • The Expectation to make more friends and help us make our group active as that’s our goal.
  • The Expectation to have the skills as a Leadership.
  • The Expectation to suit this role.

Our least expected expectation:

  • Hinting, and just caring about the rank.
  • Have no overall skills about being an MR.
  • Violating the rules if not succeed.
Staff Information

Staff Information

In this Summary, it all contains all Public Staff Information, this includes all information about warning, how to rank up, etc.

How to Rank Up in Volariá as an Staff

  • There are many other ways to rank up while as a Staff. While it some of it may not be released yet, here are most of the Information to rank up as an Staff.

Training System

  • The Training System is one of the system used in the Training Center, for example, training for a certain rank. You can come to the Training Center when there is about a training starting soon, while that. if you don’t know what’s the session times, check our communications server. However, if you don’t have it, don’t fret as it will get announced on the group shout! Check the group shout every 1 hour (when it’s xx:50).

Promotion System

  • The Promotion System is one of the system used in all games, such as application center, training center, and in the main game. While in the main game, promotions are mostly given by points or by hard-work, and activity If you are looking forward for promotions, check the Staff Expectations & Requirements summary.

Warning/Violation System

The Warning System is used to warn individuals who are disrespecting or violating a rule or so, once performed they will have a maximum amount for warnings, if reached they will be kicked by an MR+. However, there is other actions that will be performed by such an higher role. Keep in mind that, this isn’t automatic and you have to contact one.

List for VIolating/Warning System.

Rank Information

Rank Information

This is all the Information and list of the Ranks in the group of Volariá, however this doesn’t include communications server roles.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the one who’ve gathered around Volariá and have contributed a lot in Volariá, they are also the one who operated the group for success.

[-] Presidential Executive

  • The Owner(s) of Volariá. They manage all the ranks, Oversee the Departments and are in charge of the entire group operations.

[-] Vice Presidential Executive

  • They are the Deputy Owner(s) of Volariá, they manage and take matters as a Co-Owner, they Overseer and incharge most of the group, they have matters to derank the ranks below the Presidential Board, and create dedicated ideas for Volariá.

[-] Presidential Board

  • They are the Director of most of the Staff Team, they handle ideas that are dedicated for Volariá to suit them well, they are responsible for directing the Staff Team for instructions, and more.

Super High Rank

The SHR Team handles most of the issues left by the Leadership Team. They handle all sort of stuff, such as: tracking staff’s activity, etc.

Chief Staffing Officer

  • They are the Management Director, they are responsible and should take over SHRs, inactivity notices, departmental and a few other things.

Chief Diversity Officer

  • They make sure the chiefs are doing their jobs and the teams are working. The rank Chief Diversity Officer is responsible for each team. They are also responsible for ensuring that chiefs do their job properly.

Chief Management Officer

  • In charge of the administrative team. The rank Chief Management Officer will overall try to make the administrative team a professional team. They will overall oversee the team and correct things that the team has done wrong.

Chief Financial Officer

  • In charge of the corporate team. First obtainable SHR by promotion. The rank Chief Financial will overall try to make the Corporate team a professional team. They will overall oversee the team and correct things that the team has done wrong.

Contributors Board

  • People who have helped Volariá. Only attainable by financial contribution. They overall helped build Volariá and make it a better place. They helped build certain small aspects of Volariá, and overall the first SHR rank.

High Rank

The High Rank individuals are the one who organize or help improve the maintenance of the activity overall in the group.

Corporate Director

  • The Corporate Director helps keep each team organized and balanced. They will make sure that teams aren’t disorganized, and they will overall improve the teams.

Adminstrative Officer

  • Mentor and part of the administrative team. They will overall handle written, telephone and electronic communications, maintaining records and creating and distributing reports.

Resources Officer

  • Part of the resources department. They are overall responsible for managing the employee life cycle (i.e., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and firing employees) and administering employee benefits

Assistant Director

  • As an Assistant Director, they are respectful to help corporate officers with their duties. They are most likely to assist the rank Corporate Officers, they will help with many duties that they have.

Adminstrative Intern

  • Part of the administration team. Entry-level professionals responsible for improving their job knowledge and providing basic administrative support in Volariá.

Staffing Mentor

  • In charge of mentoring staff. They specialize in their knowledge of Volariá, and they will help MRs/LRs when they have a question. This is the first rank of the HR section.

Middle Rank

The Middle Rank individuals are the one who help customers who want to have a job in Volariá. They also manage choices in Volariá.

Management Assistant

  • They are the Assistant Manager. They will assist in managing the overall group and manage certain aspects of Volariá.


  • In-charge of keeping the schedules balanced for Volariá. They will overall organize the schedules, and keep track of them.

Training Assistant

Training Assistants are in-charge of helping the main trainer at trainings and can do small tasks that help the trainee understand a better reason at becoming a staff.

Staff Intern

  • A low MR rank that assists other MRs. They aren’t qualified to be a full MR, instead, they can assist other MRs in their duties.

Junior Intern

  • Learning how to be an MR. They are not trained yet and they need a promotion in order to become a Staff Intern, they also have to be trained in order to get a promotion. Overall, they are still learning.

Low Rank

The Low Rank individuals are the one who help customers what they want to be served or what service they want, they also help customers to solve questions.

[K] Kitchen Supervisor

  • Mainly In-charge of the Chefs and Baristas. They overall supervise all chefs, and they must supervise them in order to make sure they do their job correctly.

[H] Head of Receptionist

  • In-Charge of the Receptionist Team. They must supervise and correct all Receptionists to ensure they are doing their job correctly. They must also make sure that all receptionists are kind to customers, professional, and making sure they are using grammar.

[R] Receptionist

  • In charge of checking customers into the resort. They must overall treat customers with kindness and respect, and they must be professional towards them.

[C] Skilled Chef

  • In-charge of baking tasty pastries and giving them to customers. They must be in the kitchen at all times and must use grammar and be professional, this rank is given to chefs who are certainly skilled.

[C] Junior Chef

  • Chefs that are still learning how to bake pastries. They need to be trained, but overall they can still bake and be in the kitchen.

[B] Skilled Barista

  • A rank that can serve drinks, and is given the title “Skilled” due to training they had. They are overall professional baristas.

[B] Junior Barista

  • Baristas that are still learning how to make drinks. They need more training, but they may still serve drinks.

[S] Security Officer

  • In charge of trollers, spammers, and more. Security Officers must patrol the resort and arrest any troller that is disturbing the customer’s experience.

[L] Services Assistant

  • Ranks that are in charge of overall customer service. They are in charge of customer’s experience and must do what they can to improve the overall experience in Volariá.

[L] Trainee

  • This rank will be given to certain applicants who have passed the applications. After passing, they will need to attend a training session in order to become a receptionist, a security officer, a barista, or a chef.

Guest Ranks

The Guest Ranks are the Guest/Customers on our group, they are mostly here to do a certain thing such as finding forwardly to be served.

[H] Honorary Customer

This role is only for those HR+ who’ve resigned and contributed a lot in Volariá.

[X] Suspended

This role is only given to any staff member who had been violating the rules as a Staff

[:rainbow:] Volaria Fam

This role is given to those who’ve joined the group, this is the first rank in Volariá.

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