Voldex Services: Hiring for Animations and VFX ($12-20/hr)

Who Are We
We are Voldex Services Pet Zoo by Voldex - Roblox, the team behind Robbery Simulator and Pet Zoo.

The Work

We are hiring someone to join our team and be in charge of animations, effects, and particles (VFX) for an upcoming game. Must have experience animating models made in Blender. Must be able to do both animations and VFX.

The work will consist of creating animations for a wide variety of weapons, creating animations for custom-rigged humanoids/objects, and creating particles/VFX for various aspects of the game.

Payment is $12-20/hr (depending on experience) for working 10-15 hours per week. Payment is by bank transfer in US dollars. Candidates must be over 18 and able to work at least 10 hours per week.

To apply, send me a message on devforum.

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