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About Me

Hey, I’m ExportedModule , I’m a Lua, Java & JS programmer


Here are some games I am working on :

Game List

Dior Cafe : [WINTER UPDATE!] Diòr Cafe - Roblox

Lakeside City : [Under reconstruction] Lakeside City - Roblox

Blossom Bakery : Blossom Bakеry - Roblox

Lil’ Kitten’s Daycare : GAME MOVED - Roblox

Project Auction Reborn (Under Development) : Project Auction Reborn - Roblox


I consider myself quite an advanced Lua scripter. I have been scripting with Lua for almost 3 years and have been improving ever since. I have good knowledge of the Roblox API, I work a lot with modules and metatables since I do object oriented programming often.

In JavaScript, I can do a lot like set-up a server in which we can communicate in Roblox, I can make discord bots and a lot more.

Java is the programming language I am currently learning as for my school program. I have basic knowledge of Java and am learning towards creating more complex projects.


Because of college, I don’t have a consistent schedule and it can get very messy at some times. I would, however, be able to work more on the weekdays rather than weekends. Please contact me for more details on availability.


Prices largely depend on what you’re asking for. Please contact me for a quote. As for payment, you can either pay me by PayPal or with Robux.


You can contact me trough here or as I prefer, on discord : volking#0206
Roblox: ExportedModule - Roblox

Thanks for reading my Portfolio! Looking forward working with you!


I can vouch for ExportedModule. He is a very skilled developer and one did a speedrun for Dior Cafe’s boxing arena, haha.

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Great programmer, good friend. (At Lakeside City).

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