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Rules & Mechanics
  • Ball cannot be hit more than 3 times in a row by the same team

  • Ball cannot be hit by the same player back to back (unless it’s a 1v1)

  • Serves cannot be bumped by teammates

  • Bal must go OVER the net, elsewise the point is rewarded to the other team

  • If the ball goes out, no point is rewarded.

  • You have 10 seconds to serve the ball

  • The game currently ends when a team reaches 21+ points with a 2 point lead.

  • Right Click + Left Click: Set

  • Left click: Hit

  • Jump + Left Click: Spike

  • (W/ Ball) Left Click: Serve

  • R/F: Adjust Power

  • W+W: Dive

  • Q/E: Spawn Ball (Solo/Training)

  • Left Shift: Sprint

  • Read the buttons
  • L2: Set

  • R2: Hit

  • A + R2: Spike

  • (W/ Ball) R2: Serve

  • DPad Up/Down: Adjust Power

  • W+W: Dive

  • DPad Left/Right: Spawn Ball (Solo/Training)

  • L2: Sprint

  • Hitting is client based, so hit when it feels most accurate
Admin Commands
  • TBD
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