Volume Normalizer - Preventing very loud audio whilst being able to hear quiet music

Hello, everyone, I recently decided to make a script (soon to be a module) that kind of “normalizes” audio volume to a set volume. I’ve got a demo set up that you can go look at, feedback/critcism is appreciated!

WARNING: Volume may surge suddenly, please be aware


Here’s a few IDs to test:
5743113007 - normal/slightly quiet volume
389504418 - EXTREMELY loud

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Hiya! :wave:

This seems incredibly useful in games that allow players to use stuff such as boomboxes which allow them to set their own songs.


The place that you’ve provided seems to be private, could you make it public?

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So so sorry about that! I forgot to make it public :sweat_smile:

PS: I didn’t post in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations because I plan on releasing this as a usable module very soon, want to get some feedback before releasing so I can i

The correct category is #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, it literally states “feedback: cool creations”.

Yes, but as stated before, this will (currently brushing up/polishing) very soon be released as a useable module, I’ll be using this post to release it

Your post may get flagged quicker than you update it though.

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Gotcha, I’ll try to post it ASAP

Hello everyone, the script is almost ready for release, please hang tight!

It’s been 6 months. Any progress?

The module is not 100% done for the most part, I’ve just been busy with other things recently. I’ve updated the place for testing to be the latest version though. Update comes with some very nice performance boosts. Please do note that as of right now loud volume is heavily suppressed, however this is intended and is configurable.