Volumetric Clouds: Phase 2!

What the hell is all this drama even about?!


Both of us making bad decisions

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One or two monts ago, @anon53193547 posted an image on dynamic clouds of his studio gui photoshopped onto an offical roblox image of phase 2 or 3. He asked people to DM him about it, and a few mins later someone exposed him. But I didn’t believe that someone so i went on ahead to friend him. Then he admitted to saying it was fake on discord so i showed that on the devforum, then everyone saw it and got him to admitting that he photoshopped the image, then devforum staff deleted the posts.

So I make a joke about it and here we are now. :joy:


DOM, change the pictures to real images of the clouds.

This was months ago and they were real clouds, they were discussed in RDC 2018. And all the posts were deleted.


Also if you don’t know what i mean by dynamic clouds heres the post.
Dynamic Skies Are Getting Cloudy - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox

trick, shut up, nobody cares about this. All he has to do to fix this is take real pictures than there drama is done.


I am sorry for creating a bated image. I had no intent at scamming others or anything such as that, I just wanted to see how people would react if I were to create volumetric clouds. Sorry, and this is a thing I can takeaway from. This is something that will no longer happen again.


Because it was one of the ways of getting around the 30 c har limit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

oh god he is missing an arm


Just wow! How did you managed to create such an amazing module?! I would be completly lost if I ever would have to do such a thing, keep this up!

Little Update…

With the release of Phase 2 to the real clouds coming very soon, I am unsure if i am going to release the Phase 3 of Volumetric Clouds. I feel like it would be a waste of time. Once clouds are fully released, I might release a version of Volumetric Clouds that looks much nicer than the real clouds, and will come in the form of a plugin.


I noticed theres a Frames drop when you look right up the clouds. went from 60 to 21 with lowest settings I could do

I have no problem with it, but just keep this up

I would like this as a plugin! What would be really cool is a live preview feature.

How can I install this if I use Rojo?

Anyone fixed the problem where the clouds only go on for a limited amount of time?

When’s phase 3 coming? taking too long

True volumetric clouds are out of beta. Can be found under terrain

Are you planning to release the V3 anytime soon? Despite the lag due to the stacked transparent parts I still prefer this over the roblox’s default clouds, maybe the incoming phase 2 will make my opinion shift?