Volumetric Lighting with Billboard GUIs

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on how to make Volumetric Lighting. But, those are “outdated” and Roblox patched most of them. But this video has been in my head for a couple of days.

He says in the comments of his video that he uses billboard GUIs. But it makes no sense
It looks like the billboard GUIs are “3D?”
They don’t normally have backface lighting but Ethan somehow did it. Does anyone else know how to do this?

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For the Light Beams, you can:

  • Create a Beam with 2 Attachments
  • set One part of the Width higher than the other,

As a Result, should look like this:
(Customize it if you like)

(Customized Version)

Ethan didn’t use beams. Also his was 3D and when you actually look into the light there’s glare or something.

It looks to me like its just particles with light influence set to one. The flickering on the “Volumetrics” makes me think its just particles set to go in a direction with the size changing over time to be bigger, remeniscent of a cone shape.

I was right

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How do you do that? I’ve never really used ParticleEmitter.

Also, I thought particles don’t react to shadows and they don’t have “realistic” light influence

For me the particle emitter doesnt show light influence

I think you need to invest a bit more time into learning how particles work before trying this. The lightinfluence property means the particles are affected by light sources including the skybox, all you have to do is set it to 1 in the particle settings. I’d recommend looking up a tutorial on how they work.

Yeah, I didn’t see the LightInfluence. I don’t think I was looking hard enough. I have some haze models that use particle emitters. They use the default Roblox smoke decal. They have LightEmission to 0 and LightInfluence to 1. They don’t look at realistic as the one on the video.

So I got a line of particles with the transparency at 0.993. I can see him using this. But it doesn’t really look look on my end.

Its not very practical, and using that many particles is memory intensive, you’re better off just using beams even though it doesn’t achieve the look you ask for.

I did find a particle that is actually very useful but im still confused on what the billboards where used for

Shadows are visible on BillboardGuis.


Ah. Is there anyway you can “emit” surfaceguis like they’re particles?

Instead of emitting them as particles, you can try “locking” them to the camera. I think that SurfaceGuis with transparent parts would work better though.

i tried surfaceguis with transparent parts. didn’t really go as planned. i think the surfaceguis are the best one to use. but i dont really know on how to use it.

What particle did you use? Just curious.

Light.rbxm (3.4 KB)


there is one issue, there are no shadows. The particles can go through walls. So they’re not really that volumetric.