[Voluntary] Spots for an "advent calendar" type game for Christmas



I am looking for people willing to volunteer their time into creating little 50x50x50 stud winter / Christmas themed environments for an “advent calendar” type game. Each day of December one of the environments will be “unlocked” or “revealed” to the public for them to explore.

Since there is one environment per day of December, 24 environments will need to be made. (I will work on the last day)

So I am looking for anyone willing to volunteer their time into creating one or more environments for the game until 24 have been made.

Please reply with your username and how many environments you are willing to create if you choose to participate.

Happy holidays,
Merry Christmas,
Ho ho ho,

also credit to my mom for this idea

also you will be credited in the game for your creations


So you’re making a game and these little environments will go into something like a birdhouse-like home? I’d be happy to work with you on some of the environments in my free time.


Not good enough yet to develop any but willing to test when ready.


https://gyazo.com/756ae663578ce672abdfc73c7f3b76a8 It would look something like that on a larger scale
And in each spot it’d be a little environment / scene made by someone winter / christmas themed


This is an interesting community project. What are your ideas on variability? I am struggling to understand how 24 boxes could be created without some aspects being repeated, such as snowmen, candy canes, etc.


Well of course there will be some parts repeated, (like snowmen, candy canes, etc. at you said) however I was thinking since it involves different people making different ones that the styles should hopefully be different, so even if the theme is kind of similar, that the styles are different to keep it hopefully interesting.


If it’s just one box I could make one in my free time.


Cool! It’s just a 50x50x50 stud area, when/if you make it just message me a link to the model or a rbxl file containing it!


I’d be interested in making multiple such as a Gingerbread Environment, Snowman Palace, and Candy cane Adventure.


If you are willing to create any environments, feel free to! Once you have created them, message me a link to them as a model or to an rbxl file containing them!

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