Volunteer scripter looking to help out somebody

About Me

Hey. My name is Normal_GuyHD, and I’m a novice/junior scripter.
I’m looking for an volunteer or small payed short-term job.
I want to help out some devs with their games/projects.
I have made about 60 robux so far, I don’t go exactly for profit or paycheck, I’m just happy to help.

What can I do (so far)

Change player’s speed on event.
Kill player on event.
Recently I tried making a keycard door. (just 4 fun)
Ingame currency system. (just some basic ones)
Basic GUI’s.
Trigger devproduct purchase.
Trigger gamepass purchase.


I am not really available on weekdays, but I’m way more active on weekends.


I am willing to work as an volunteer, no payment needed, but really appreciated :+1:


Contact me on discord : Normal_guy#4904

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: