Vontrelle Public Handbook

An Introduction to Vontrelle

‘A sweet escape from the ordinary!’

Vontrelle is an interactive, emerging Japanese bakery prepared to offer all of our islanders the most astounding service. We’ll make sure you have a memorable experience with the help of our outstanding employees. We invite you to dive into our public handbook for valuable insights and information.

Vontrelle | Public Handbook
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Rank Information

All information related to Vontrelle’s ranks can be found here. If you would like more information about any of the ranks listed below, please feel free to contact a Public Relations member.

{🍣} Low Ranks

[:chopsticks:] LOW RANKS

Joined the group but cannot work. Must go to the application centre and attend a training to begin working here at Vontrelle. They give their orders to the workers and wait for it to be made. Like any other staff member, our customers are valued the same.

Honoured Customer
Noted Customers are people who have contributed by being former staff, affiliates or Developers who have contributed towards Vontrelle.

Unable to work at the registers or as a chef. Each Trainee must attend and pass one training to begin their career at Vontrelle. They are very early on workers yet still valued in the community the same as anyone else.

Lowest LR rank. Official staff members able to begin serving customers. As staff get this rank after attending a training, they have little experience. They must gain points to rise through the ranks.

Professional Baker
Another official staff member who can serve customers in our facility. They have shown more knowledge and dedication since their former rank as a Cashier. They must gain 150 points to rise through the ranks.

Lead Pastry Chef
Highest LR rank you can achieve. The individual with this rank has proven their dedication to working within Vontrelle. Users with this rank have more knowledge than any other LR. They have a chance to receive an exclusive application to Bakery Assistant.

{🍜} Medium Ranks


:one: Bakery Assistant
Bakery Assistant is the first MR rank. You can be promoted to this rank by having passed the applications or, via their activity and performance as a Lead Pastry Chef. They assist the management team in the bakery and at the training centre. Individuals of this rank have requirements.

:two: Assistant Supervisor
Assistant Supervisor is the second MR rank. You can be promoted to this rank via activity and performance as a Bakery Assistant. This rank helps supervise the bakery.

:three: Kitchen Supervisor
Kitchen Supervisors are MRs who have shown activity, resourcefulness and knowledge on general operations of Vontrelle. Members of this rank are to supervise the bakery and host sessions.

:four: Assistant Manager
Assistant Managers are prominent Vontrelle employees who have demonstrated great dedication, activity, and knowledge. Members of this rank are to supervise the bakery and host sessions.

:five: General Manager
Operations Managers are Vontrelle employees who have excelled in their work, demonstrated great dedication, and a high level of knowledge. It is likely that those promoted to this rank will become HRs in the future.

{🍙} Executive Ranks


:one: General Management
General Management is the first HR rank and is made up of the most capable and dedicated HRs. General Management have the choice to join departments and should supervise MRs. Promotions to this rank should be seen as a great achievement.

:two: Board of Executives
Board of Executives are HRs who have shown non-stop work within their department. Members of this rank can recommend others for promotion and are often seen supervising MRs.

:three: Executive of Administration
Those on the Executive Board have achieved great success within their department and are usually on their way to becoming a Super High Rank. To reach this rank Board of Executives must show a great deal of activity, dedication and departmental work.

:four: Corporate Assistant
Corporate Assistant is the final HR rank and has been working at Vontrelle for months. Members of this rank are continuously active and strive within their department.

{🥡} Super High Ranks


:one: Junior Corporate
Junior Corporate is the first SHR rank and requires annormance amount of activity and dedication. Junior Corporates are often Senior Department members. Promotions to this rank should be seen as a great achievement.

:two: Senior Corporate
Executive Corporates are committed and astounding SHRs who have shown perplexing activity, dedication and knowledge of Vontrelle.

:three: Presidential Assistant
Vice Presidents is one of the highest ranks one can achieve in Vontrelle. Those on this rank are often a leader or co-leader of a department. To be promoted to this rank you are required to have the utmost dedication to Vontrelle and its departments.

Affiliate Information

Hello! Thank you for your interest in applying to be one of our outstanding affiliates here at Vontrelle! Before filling out an application, please make sure to go over the requirements and make sure you meet almost all of them. The more requirements you meet, the better chance you have of acceptance. Please note exceptions can be made. We expect detailed and informative answers that give the Public Relations Department a good impression of your group.

Vontrelle believes that partnerships and affiliations are valuable aspects of our community. If you are interested in forming an alliance with our group, you may apply to our Public Relations Department.

Anyone in our discord with the “Public Relations Department” role may be contacted for more information on this matter. If you are interested in applying for a partnership, please make sure you meet the below requirements and if so, proceed to fill out the questions. We will take up to 48 hours to review your affiliation request. After the allocated time, we will DM a representative that you mentioned in your application about your affiliation application status.

[:dart:] Requirements

  • The establishment should acquire 1,000+ non-botted ROBLOX members.
  • The establishment should acquire 250+ discord members.
  • The establishment should have a good history within the ROBLOX community.
  • Must follow ROBLOX & Discord Terms of Services.
  • Must be willing to announce Vontrelle events.
  • Must be professional and respectful towards everyone.
  • Must have an active and professional communications server.
  • Must have two representatives on behalf of your establishment.
  • We offer exceptions to groups who are close to the requirements. In order to gain this exemption from our requirements, please contact a member of the Public Relations Department, and the Public Relations Department will consider it and reply as soon as possible.

[:clipboard:] Conclusion

Vontrelle’s Public Relations Department wishes you the best of luck on your application, if you choose to apply! If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding any of the information within this document, do not hesitate to ask an individual of Public Relations.

Thank you for browsing Vontrelle’s Public Handbook! If you have any inquiries about its contents, feel free to reach out to an HR+ member via our communications server.

Last updated April 20th, 2024 :spiral_calendar: