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Voralá is a revolutionary tropical cafe on the Roblox platform. Our goal is to create an an enjoyable and relaxing cafe experience, as well as a friendly and safe environment within our community! Want to view our handbook and guides? Click the ‘Guidelines’ dropdown!

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Community Handbook
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Department Information

Vorala consists in 4 different departments; Human Resources Department, Support Department, Appeals Department, and the Public Relations Department.

You must be an SHR+ to be head of this department. In order to join a department, the head of the department with select 2 members that are an HR to join them. You also have to be in our communications server to be head or be apart of a department. This is to maintain professionalism.

What does the Human Resources Department do?
The staffing department is in charge of keeping track of the promotions and demotions, they also have permission to demote anyone who is not active within the group or communications server.

What does the Support Department do?
The Support Department is in charge of answering concerns or questions that any guest or staff have. They have access to read tickets in our communications server and are the only people who are allowed to answer questions on the group wall.

What does the Public Relations department do?
The Public Relations Department is in charge of finding and creating alliances. They notify other servers and group owners if an important event or activity is happening with the owners permission. They are also in charge of hosting Coastal Cafe related events such as community shifts, etc.

What does the Appeals Department do?
The Appeals Department are in charge of answer ban appeals, staff appeals, suspension appeals, etc. They have access to answer the appeals tickets.

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