Vote Casting Module - An Object-Centric Voting Module

Vote Casting Module

I was answering questions today when I came across @NongChaITh’s question about a problem with their voting pads. I decided to respond by laying the groundwork for the new code.

The new code in question inspired me to develop a module that would allow scripters to easily create voting objects and programmatically integrate a vote-casting system into their game. It’s known as the Vote Casting Module. Here’s how it works:

Adding the Vote Casting Module to Your Development Environment

You can use the module remotely, or you can save a copy of the module yourself here:

Assuming you’ve inserted it and moved it to someplace (we’ll use ReplicatedStorage for this example), you’ll want to rename the module (we’ll use “VoteCasting” as the example’s name) and call it this way:

local replicatedStorage = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local voteCasting = require(replicatedStorage:WaitForChild('VoteCasting'))

Now if you want to use the module remotely, you can call the require method with the ID of the module so that you get the updates that I push to the module (if any are made):

local voteCasting = require(15564952937)

Using the Module’s Methods

Creating a Voting Object

To set up a voting object, create a new instance of the VoteCasting module:

local voteObject =

Casting Votes

To cast a vote for a player, use the CastVote method:


Revoking Votes

If you need to revoke a vote for a player, use the RevokeVote method:


Gathering Votes

To get the total number of votes cast, use the GatherVotes method:

local totalVotes = voteObject:GatherVotes()
print("Total Votes:", totalVotes)

Getting the Highest Voted Object

If you have multiple voting objects and want to find the one with the highest votes, use the GetHighestVote function:

local highestVotedObject = voteCasting:GetHighestVote(voteObject1, voteObject2, voteObject3)
print("Highest Voted Object:", highestVotedObject)

Getting the Total Votes Across Multiple Objects

To get the sum of votes from multiple voting objects, use the GetAllVotes function:

local totalVotesAcrossObjects = voteCasting:GetAllVotes(voteObject1, voteObject2, voteObject3)
print("Total Votes Across Objects:", totalVotesAcrossObjects)

Feel free to customize the module according to your specific requirements. I hope this is of some use to people.


Can I get the module code please because the module isnt at the link it looks like it may have gotten taken down.