Vote Module - (Uncopylocked)

Vote Module is a Module that you can freely use to make a voting session for all players on a server!
There is only 2 Option available right now, I’ll probably add more.

How to Use:
Step 1: Insert the Module into the game
Step 2: Make a script
Step 3: Load the Module

local VoteModule = require(game.ServerScriptService.VoteModule)

Step 4: Example of using it

local VoteResult = VoteModule.Vote(
	"Yes", -- Option 1
	"No", -- Option 2, 1, 0), --Option 1 Button Color, 0, 0), -- Option 2 Button Color
	"Vote", -- Title
	"2 + 2 = 4?", -- Description
	10 -- Time

If Option 1 gets the most votes, It will return 1. If Option 2 gets the most votes, It will return 2. If It’s a tie, It will return 0. So It’s kinda simple.

Modules: Vote Module - Roblox
Tutorial: Simple Voting System! - Roblox Studio - YouTube
Hope This Helps! Feel free to suggest your ideas for the module, any idea is appreciated!

Randomly got an idea to make this so why not lol, Also this is my first module.


It looks pretty coool


Tutorial added go check it out! Simple Voting System! - Roblox Studio - YouTube

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Why are you using a for loop that loops through every player? This is executing only the client. Keeping track of the votes is pointless too because multiple users cannot vote either. You can just use a boolean. Also this is something too basic and the UI design isn’t that good. I suggest improving the UI design and adding additional features such as callbacks etc…

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This is a community resource, if you’re using this then you can improve upon the design of the UI.

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