Vote to skip cutscene script help

Hello, I’m trying to make a story game similar to that of “Break in” and I wanted to make a intro cutscene that depending on how many players there are in the server, could skip and continue on with the game if every player in the server clicked the vote to skip button. I would like some ideas or help on how I should go about approaching this, maybe even what resources I should be looking at. As well as how to effectively skip the cutscene itself. Thank you.


Just have it when a client votes to skip, fire an event to the server. Once, let’s say 1/2 of the server fires the event skip the cutscene.

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How would I go about having the cutscene itself skip? Like should I set the entire cutscene in it’s own script and just have it get disabled if the votes pass? Or within a function in the same script? If in the same script, how do I make the function stop running?