Voting Open for 2023 Roblox Innovation Awards

A little confusing…but cool map.


almost 6000 ping for me





[EDIT 2]

my internet just shut down

GL to everyone in the roster!
May the odds be EVER in your favour


Good luck to whoever can be voted for!


I give up trying to do the obby, my phone is about to turn into a 4D viewing of Oppenheimer


Yeah the server lag was horrible for me too, so you’re not alone :rofl:


I’m going to be completely honest here. The game is great, but I really don’t like the overall idea here. I simply want to vote, I really don’t want to do a scavenger hunt and obby to try and find where I can vote. Decent idea, just make it easier to cast your vote.


You don’t have to do either of those things to vote. I was able to find the voting area relatively quickly. At the very least they can add labels, as I saw some people asking in chat where they go to vote.


I tried joining on mobile earlier and honestly couldn’t find where to vote… Does voting not work for mobile or maybe I couldn’t find it?

I also constantly got rejoined due to updates every few minutes. :confused: The hub is cool and all but I would think it’d make most sense to make it easier to vote / find where to vote — the main point of people joining after all is voting.

Really neat hub though, just extremely laggy for mobile was my experience.



I’ve liked the game experience, very nicely done and I feel like the map design was taken inspiration from Hexaria up a bit with the idea of the path.

As for functionality, there’s a lot of plotholes and places that generally make you stuck and since you’re unable to reset, your progress in some places might have to go poof! as you have to rejoin the game.

There’s some issues with the fact, but it’s hard to commit. I was just jumping randomly clueless and happened to get the badge, I noticed that I have touched one of the Roblox Logos on the floor, but it wasn’t activated. What do you know, I have two of them now! Haha!

In terms of the R15, I generally don’t like the fact you have to use R15 and not R6 for the obby as it makes the player with certain animations have it harder than others, for example walking animation with hands sticking out.

The voting poll of choices is generally boring but also good. I generally respect the choice of nominating games like DOORS or the Banana game, but the Youtuber Choice is just generally not really that interesting.

Many users also are incredibly mature and very old, yet most of them are practically unaware of any of these Youtubers so far as most of them had not made any major contribution to the people who are mature. Obviously I am not pointing at EVERY Developer or either Mature person out there.


You are able to vote on mobile. Head over to the neon Roblox logos on the floor. There should be at least two that you can go to.


The Voting Hub rewards wasn’t that much of a pain to get… (We don’t talk about the obby)

But good luck to the nominees!


Yeah the UX just wasn’t done right.


Let’s go! I’m very excited for the Roblox 2023 Innovation Awards!


Great, i’m so excited about roblox 2023 innovation awards!

So good luck for all nominees should be waiting for!


I’m having a few issues with the spleef game. Sometimes when you join a game and leave and previously won a round it will teleport you back to spawn saying “you won”. Furthermore this teleportation mechanic can happen when you’re on the path obby. I had this issue since today can you guys fix it thank you!


Hope for the best luck for the nominees and thank you developers for making the hub so different


The fact they put those really old 2+ year games in newest best experience and not deepwoken is not okay, but you could say that about literally any other game. my point isn’t that I’m fed up cause I didn’t get what I want my point is actually that they should’ve put actual new games there not old games.
also where did all the other categories that I voted stuff in go lol

Still goodluck to all the developers, it’s quite a milestone to get into the awards!


The Gameset doesn’t look bad at all! I’m sure DOORS will succeed in this nomination!

Good luck to the nominees!


Glad to see RIA still going! Just voted.


I hate to be that guy, but…

  1. When multiple players engage the ProximityPrompt to spleef, the timer begins a countdown for each engagement, resulting in this bug:

  1. The ViewportFrames for the voting panels are too small to contain them when they rotate:

  1. It would be most intuitive for the voting panel to move to the next page once you cast a vote, as players (including me) often don’t see the arrow to begin with

Hope this feedback helps! Love the look and feel of the map, it’s very otherworldly