Voting System for beginners

I was making a voting system and now I decide to publish it! Its fully customizable except one thing. You cant add more options. But if you know coding yea you can add more options.
Voting System

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presidential election portrayed by roblox
definitely useful for noobs who can’t make a votin’ system, but maybe you should make a tutorial on how to do it instead of just showcasing a model of it


i am not much of a tutorial maker doe

lmao my whole country rn wants elections lol.

BRO HOW IS THIS 10 MIN THING getting sooo many good reviews??? THANK YOU!!

Lets get this straight, instead of giving them a tutorial, you can script it to where they can access a script called “settings” and easily disable and enable futures, add more voting blocks, be able to change the purpose for voting like, voting for a map, or a gamemode, etc.

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Would be good if you made advanced version like OnVotingEnded, Module

Wdym by that can u explain a bit more?

thats dependent on you as how I made it it has a function and you can like kinda use the functions and stuff but the function kinda uses another function for if its neutral, pad1 or pad2. So its fully customizable.

Since this module is at the beginner level, it cannot be customized much. it would be nice if you could make a module from 0 for it. Main features: RBXScriptSignals, One-line setup, etc.