Voxel Crafting System Early Preview

Hey all! I’ve been doing some work on my long-delayed voxel-based crafting system, and I’ve just gotten it to a point where I feel ready to share it with others.

It’s currently online in my Game Testing place, which is paid access (to keep the bottomfeeders out):

I open it up for free from time to time, particularly when I need to test a big new feature.

Once you’re in the game, simply hover your cursor over a wood block, and press ‘c’. You’ll enter the crafting view, where you can design your voxel tool/weapon/kajigger. Use the scroll wheel to change materials. Once you’ve built it, set the grip (handle) using the Grip tool or by holding the G key. You can also name your thing using the text box up top. Finally, click Exit, and the tool will be placed in your inventory. The tools don’t currently function, but that is next on the agenda.

Have fun and let me know what you think! Bug reports with log entry included are also appreciated.

Just wanted to mention that I’ve begun work on pattern recognition. As of last night, basic gun recognition is prototyped. That’s not yet in the online version, though.

This reminds me of the weapon customization system Cube World uses. I can’t wait to see this implemented in a game :smiley:

This is just… amazing. Love how it generates a thumbnail of your tool.
Maybe have the thumbnail update while you’re editing?


totes not an explosive[/spoiler]

Since you’re rendering a thumbnail in isometric orientation, is it drawing every single block or only the first one visible?

@Devious: Thank you. The live update is within the realm of possibility, I’ll consider it. And, thanks for sharing that screenshot! I was hoping people would share their creations. :smiley:

@Wsly: First visible. A bit more efficient that way. :wink:

I have a custom inventory planned, the thumbnails will be shown on the hotbar.

My special tool:

By the way, you may wanna put a cap on the blocks because I made a massive block and killed my client :3

There are several things planned that will make crashing less likely. The physical tool will be optimized to use fewer parts, for one. Also, the finished system will require the player to collect the materials, which will put a natural limit on how big of a thing they build.