Voxel Pirate Shop

I made today a pirate shop and i was curious what you all think of it?

Any tips/advice or even nice compliments are always welcome and thanks you for reading this topic!


So you know how pirate ships have a bit of a round shape…
Take inspiration from my build

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Oh, that’s a amazing creation!
But i ment to make it a pirate shop, so i have no idea in which way this would work out when making a building to sell items that are themed around pirates?

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It’s really amazing! It match with the ‘pirate’ theme and I like it. Have a good day and keep up the good work :+1:

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Thank you for the compliment and also have a wonderful day yourself!

Please use the Cool Creations category to showcase your work and receive feedback on them. We prefer to keep the Building Support category for resolving problems related to building. I’ve recategorised the thread for you. Be sure to check out our other categories and their guidelines when posting threads in case there’s a more appropriate place to post it in.

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I’m sorry about posting in the wrong section, i though i posted in correct section when i saw others doing the same and that building support was falling under a normal feedback.

Thank you for helping me with this i do not use the devforum so much but i really appricated for teaching me the correct section for this!

Please add terrain or decals, for example a wood terrain or a decal

In my opinion, this dude did ask for building support on his creation, so I don’t see anything wrong with posting it in the “Building Support” category)

Do you mean on the design or around it?