Voxel Tech Showcase

Voxel-styled old technology, a 2 hour build inspired by pixoturnip on twitter. Tell me your feedback and thoughts!

Link to the game: (Voxel Tech [Showcase] - Roblox)



The edges are a bit rough, don’t you think?

I agree about the flaw in the edges

Could you elaborate on which edges you mean?

The part edges. It’s probably just the camera, Studio does it to me all the time

These are bugging me hope you fix em’

It’s a very detailed model, what are you using it for?

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I see now, that’s just the studio camera distorting it from afar. When you join you can see it’s not like that.

I’m not using it for anything, just wanted to try out using this style of building for fun. :^)

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In Studio you can head over to File > Studio Settings and go to the Rendering tab to change the visual quality:

Setting the quality level to 21 (the highest) will add anti-aliasing to your screenshots, resulting in less jagged edges.

Level 1 (visible edges)

Level 21 (still visible but much more smooth)


Love it! First thing I would change is textures, it’s all smooth plastic, could make a various amount of textures to add more detail and a better look, also try to make rounded edges and less “square” of a look, over all looks great so far!

Thank you so much! I had no idea, I’ll try playing around with the settings. :^)

Thank you for the feedback and compliment! It was intentionally made with a simple “square” look because I was mimicking voxel art. I’ll see about creating a version with textures and rounded edges to have a more detailed build.

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Looking forward to it! Sorry I didn’t read that part. Looks Great!